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NetVRk x ChainGuardians

NetVRk is excited to announce their partnership with ChainGuardians, a gaming ecosystem that utilizes blockchain technology. NetVRk is a social virtual reality platform that allows users to monetize their creations.

ChainGuardians is known for their eclectic universe of superheroes, along with their variety of games that integrate NFT mining, RPG, and PVP. Their platform enables player to earn income, by combining gaming with blockchain technology. ChainGuardians will also be taking an investment position in NetVRk.

ChainGuardians will have a virtual presence in NetVRk, and is exploring integrating into the platform. …

NetVRk Month in Review — Rebrand, Investment Round, NFT Success, and Upcoming IDO Launches

Monthly Recap

We’ve been very busy at NetVRk, and we have exciting news and updates to share with our community! As you can see, the team has been working around the clock to bring rapid fire advancement and growth to the NetVRk platform and ecosystem. We would like to thank our community for the overwhelming support, as we build up to our IDO launches. We’d also like to express our appreciation and gratitude to our partners and investors for their continued support and work.

Rebrand, Refresh

We’ve done a rebranding of our logos for social media and our websites. You’ll notice our new logo…

NetVRk partners with RioDeFi

NetVRk is delighted to announce our partnership with RioDeFi. RioDeFi is a blockchain technology company that provides solutions for interoperability, security, and scaling. NetVRk’s virtual reality platform will benefit by using RioDeFi’s blockchain technology and products, to create a better user experience along with more opportunities for adoption.

RioDeFi offers a suite of products built on Polkadot, including RioChain and RioWallet. RioWallet allows users to convert fiat via bank account or credit card directly to cryptocurrency, which can then be used to stake, swap, trade, and borrow. …

NetVRk and VersoView announce Project EVE (Education in a Virtual Environment)

NetVRk and VersoView are pleased to unveil the first use case collaboration of their partnership, developing Education in a Virtual Environment (EVE). Project EVE combines the unparalleled user immersion, design and learning tools of social virtual reality platform, NetVRk, with the content delivery capabilities of the publishing, engagement and rewards platform, VersoView.

Currently Project EVE is engaged with delivering MoUs with Universities focused on developing virtual and distance learning spaces and engineering and digital design tools. …

Ferrum Land Sale Snapshot

We’re excited to announce the snapshot date for Ferrum holders, for our Land Sale! The land sale will give Ferrum holders the opportunity to purchase land before it goes for sale to the public via auction on!

Read the details below:

NetVRk Land Sale FRM/FRMx Snapshot

Time/Date: Between 9am EST April 30th to 9am EST May 1st

Note: We will verify if the people who got contributions to NetVRk still hold the same level of tokens.

If it has dropped below their contribution level, they will be reimbursed minus 10%.

Thank you for the support of Ferrum Network &…

NetVRk x Lepricon

NetVRk is proud to announce our latest partnership with Lepricon. Their gaming ecosystem brings the hyper casual games and gamified DeFi to the masses. In addition to the strategic partnership, Lepricon is also taking an investment position in NetVRk.

Lepricon will be debuting their headquarters inside of NetVRk. Their virtual headquarters will feature their latest offerings of games in a fully immersive and engaging environment. Users will be able to browse their collection of games and access them in platform. Further, Lepricon’s headquarters will have a special launchpad of sorts, to showcase their upcoming game launches.

Founder & Chief Executive…

NetVRk x Vapor95

NetVRk is psyched to announce their partnership with Vapor95, a high-quality apparel company based in Los Angeles. NetVRk is a social virtual world, that allows users to monetize their creations on the blockchain. Together, you have unlimited possibilities.

Vapor95 is headed by River Accorsi, an accomplished artist whose work is featured on many of the brands releases. With their latest partnership with NetVRk, as well as our co-partners UREEQA and Ferrum, Vapor95 will be releasing NFT’s that will include physical products as well as $NTVRK airdrops.

Vapor95 will also have their own land in NetVRk. As you can imagine, it…

Ferrum Network presents, Guess the X Lottery!

We’re happy to announce the newest trend on the blockchain: guess how many X’s our project will do, and win $FRMX tokens! Put your money where your mouth is with Guess the X Lottery, exclusively by Ferrum. Read about the rules and how to play below!

Dear Ferrum Community,

As many know, we are always thinking of ways to innovate and add value to our ecosystem. In keeping with that tradition, we are thrilled to introduce the Guess the X Lottery — a fun new way to guess the returns on upcoming pre-sale projects and win FRMx as rewards!


NetVRk partners with Brian Kirhagis AKA BK The Artist

NetVRk is proud to announce their partnership with Brian Kirhagis, also known as BK The Artist. The famous artist is known for his portrayal of pathos and human emotion, along with riveting social commentary. NetVRk is a social virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain, that will allow users to make, display, and monetize their creations, including art.

The partnership includes Brian’s own land parcel inside the NetVRk Arts District, as well as taking up the role of Art Ambassador. As Art Ambassador, Brian will bring awareness of crypto, the blockchain, and NFT’s to the public. …

AMA with FCM Recap

The original AMA was held with Forum Crypto Moonlight (FCM) on 4/9/2021 at

FCM Host: Joel Natanael
NetVRk, Chief Administrative Officer: Jonathan Wernick

The full AMA recap is below:

Joel Natanael : Hello everyone welcome back again to AMA series FCM. This time we have a special guest, namely Mr. Jonathan Wernick as Chief Administrative Officer at NetVRk

Okay, I’ll explain a little bit about how the AMA will works today

There are 3 segment in this AMA

Segment 1: Project Introduction

Segment 2: Question from Twitter

Segment 3: Free Asking


Joel Natanael Q1. Can you…


NetVRk is a social Virtual Reality platform on the blockchain, with tools that allow you to easily create, share, and monetize your creations.

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