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AMA with Venus Queen and Friends

The original AMA was held with Venus Queen and Friends on 3/26/2021 at

Venus Queen Community Hosts: Venus Queen, Crypto Runner 007, The Undertaker
NetVRk, Chief Marketing Officer: Daniel Kennedy

The full AMA recap is below:

Venus Queen, [26.03.21 11:02]
Hello everyone. Hope you all are doing good. Today we have CMO of NetVrk @DDanielK with us. Welcome Daniel.

Crypto Runner 007, [26.03.21 11:02]
Welcome @DDanielK, its really pleasure to have you here today.

The Undertaker, [26.03.21 11:03]
Hey Dan

Dan K | CMO @ NetVRk, [26.03.21 11:03]
Great to be here @VenusQueen19 and @CryptoRunner007 👋🥳!

The Undertaker, [26.03.21…

NetVRk Partners with Momentum 6

We are delighted to announce NetVRk’s newest strategic partnership with Momentum 6. NetVRk, a social virtual reality platform built on the blockchain, allows users to monetize their creations and create NFT assets, will be onboarding Momentum 6 as a strategic investor and advisor.

Momentum 6 is headed by Garlam Won, who is known for guiding a multitude of successful crypto projects, including The Sandbox, Mantra Dao, Kava, Seascape, and most recently Kylin, Kickpad, Raze, and PolkaFoundry. He previously worked at JP Morgan as an investment banker, and at Deloitte as a management consultant. …

NetVRk x OMNI Partnership Announcement

NetVRk is proud to announce their newest partnership with OMNI, an all-in-one social app that utilizes the blockchain, and reward users with tokenized profits.

Additionally, OMNI will be building their virtual headquarters in NetVRk. This interactive, virtual presence, will allow users in NetVRk to interact with OMNI and utilize it’s features inside the platform. A virtual headquarters will help users learn about OMNI, and give it a virtual base, to advertise promotions, release news, and unveil new features.

“We’re excited to have OMNI as a strategic partner. They are building an incredible platform for social media, that brings the best…

The original AMA was held with A&Q Community on 4/1/2021 at

A&Q Communtiy Hosts: Robert Smith and Faizal K.
NetVRk, Chief Administrative Officer: Jonathan Wernick

The full AMA recap is below:

First segment : Introduce

  • Questions :

Can you Introduce yourself @OneBonk To our community?

Jonathan :

Hi I’m Jonathan Wernick. I’m the Chief Administrative Officer for NetVRk. I’ve been active in crypto since 2017. My professional Background is I’m a Chartered Accountant that also has a legal background. I’ve been a involved in the project since Q3 2018, primarily as an investor and later joined the core team.


NetVRk is proud to announce an innovative partnership with UREEQA! The perfect compliment to the virtual reality platform known as NetVRk, is UREEQA, a project that has pioneered both the protection and monetization of creative works in the cryptocurrency and NFT world.

This news follows UREEQA’s extremely successful launch and Token Generation Event, that made headlines all over the crypto space. UREEQA is the first project on the blockchain to effectively deal with creative rights and their monetization, in this ever expanding field.

By utilizing the ingenuity of UREEQA’s platform, artists can insure that their creations are verified and secured…

NetVRk x Playcent Partnership Announcement

NetVRk is thrilled to announce our partnership with Playcent, a blockchain platform that works like a decentralized WIX for creating and remixing dApps, games, NFTs, and tokens.

The long term strategic partnership will allow both the NetVRk and Playcent communities to play Playcent Dapps and Games within the NetVRk virtual world. Playcent will be a featured addition to the NetVRk virtual world, with the Playcent Arcade being a hot spot for users to browse and engage an ever expanding platform of game titles from the Playcent lineup.

Playcent CEO Sandeep Sudagani: “We are very excited to partner with NetVRk. NetVRk…

AMA with Vietnam Blockchain Community 3/25/2021

The original AMA was held with Vietnam Blockchain Community on 3/25/2021 at

VBC Admin and Host: Thai Nhat Minh
NetVRk, Chief Administrative Officer: Jonathan Wernick
NetVRk, Chief Marketing Officer: Daniel Kennedy

For the Vietnamese translation of this AMA, please visit:
The full AMA recap is below:

Thai Nhat Minh: Hello @OneBonk , nice to e-meet you at Vietnam Blockchain Community. How are you today?

Jonathan Wernick: I’m very well thank you.

Thai Nhat Minh: No worries. We are active every hour! Also we are very excited to learn more about NetVRk. So wait no longer. Let’s get our…

NetVRk x Polygon

NetVRk is excited to announce our partnership with Polygon. Formerly known as Matic Network, Polygon is a second layer solution for scaling and interoperability. By utilizing Polygon’s side chain solution, we are able to keep user’s transaction fast and secure.

Many of the issues that Ethereum faces, including high gas fees, and poor scalability, are overcome with Polygon’s multiple scaling solutions. It’s compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine is central to our team’s ability to make the integration seamless and practical.

Polygon utilizes a technology called Plasma, which allows it to process transactions off-chain, before finalizing them on the Ethereum…

Krama: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on NetVRk?

Dan: My name is Daniel Kennedy, I am the Chief Marketing Officer for NetVRk. My background is in marketing and real estate.
Our team is comprised of Michael Katseli, our CEO. His background is in engineering and game and tech development. Our COO Linus Chee, has a background in graphics and game design, and is a gifted artist.
You can view our entire team at
Our team consists of over 10 people at the moment, with varying areas of expertise.

Krama: Excellent, brief…

The team at NetVRk is pleased to announce our new partnership with VersoView, a rewards and engagement platform. We look forward to advancing our vision with our new partner, with our continued focus on virtual reality engagement, education and gaming.

NetVRk is a sandbox universe where gamers, businesses, universities, schools and communities can coexist and thrive. The VersoView platform offers NetVRk the opportunity to reach new audiences, and demonstrate the value that leveraging virtual reality technology can bring to platform subscribers.

VersoView is building the next generation of user engagement and social connectivity, and sees an opportunity to deliver an…


NetVRk is a social Virtual Reality platform on the blockchain, with tools that allow you to easily create, share, and monetize your creations.

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