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6 min readMar 28, 2021
AMA with Vietnam Blockchain Community 3/25/2021

The original AMA was held with Vietnam Blockchain Community on 3/25/2021 at

VBC Admin and Host: Thai Nhat Minh
NetVRk, Chief Administrative Officer: Jonathan Wernick
NetVRk, Chief Marketing Officer: Daniel Kennedy

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The full AMA recap is below:

Thai Nhat Minh: Hello @OneBonk , nice to e-meet you at Vietnam Blockchain Community. How are you today?

Jonathan Wernick: I’m very well thank you.

Thai Nhat Minh: No worries. We are active every hour! Also we are very excited to learn more about NetVRk. So wait no longer. Let’s get our AMA started right now! Oh hi @DDanielK. Nice to e-meet you, too!

First of all, can you have a brief introduction about yourself as well as your project to all of our audience in this community? @OneBonk

Daniel Kennedy: Hey there, good to be here as well 👋

Jonathan Wernick: I’m Jonathan Wernick. I’m the Chief Administrative Officer for NetVRk. I’ve been active in crypto since 2017. My professional Background is I’m a Chartered Accountant that also has a legal background. I’ve been a involved in the project since Q3 2018, primarily as an investor and later joined the core team.

Our team is comprised of Michael Katseli, our CEO. His background is in engineering and game and tech development. Our COO Linus Chee, has a background in graphics and game design, and is a gifted artist. Our CMO Daniel Kennedy, has a background is in marketing and real estate.

You can view our entire team at
Our team consists of over 10 people at the moment, with varying areas of expertise.

Thai Nhat Minh: Very solid background from all C-level staff! 💪 How about NetVRk? If you can say something briefly about your project, what will you say to our community?

Daniel Kennedy: I’ll jump in for Jonathan. NetVRk is a social virtual reality platform built on the Unreal Engine, that allows users to create and monetize their creations.

Thai Nhat Minh: Cool, you make me feel like to dig deeper into this project right now! Thank you for such an impressive introduction! Are you ready for the main parts with lots of questions waiting ahead?

Thai Nhat Minh: Alright, we have picked some questions collected in advance via form for you. Please make sure that you end your questions with some words or signs like “Done”, so that I won’t interrupt your answers. Now is the first question:

1️⃣ NetVRk, for its optimal operation, does it require any specific type of hardware? Can it work with virtual reality hardware of any brand or do you have any association with brands with which you can have additional functions? @DDanielK from @xiscamate

Daniel Kennedy: You can use any PC that can run Unreal as far as hardware goes, it can be run standalone. You don’t need a VR headset, but you can use any of the major VR headsets available. We also plan support for mobile in the future.

Thai Nhat Minh: Thank you for this informative answer. @DDanielK
Now is the next question:

2️⃣ VR market size is growing day by day. People are loving it. But can you tell us some specific reason why do we need VR? @DDanielK from @mrsidaa

Daniel Kennedy: Virtual Reality as a term refers to a virtual reality, or reality that exists in the virtual world. We have a virtual reality world, which is NetVRk. Virtual Reality using a VR headset will greatly enhance the experience, and allow for more immersion and engagement. I think many people will begin to see the benefits using a VR headset once it becomes more mainstream.

Thai Nhat Minh: Thank you for the answer. Yes, I agree. VR will soon become a hot trend in a near future! 🔥

3️⃣ Netvrk is out on the market now with the most advanced VR creation tools. can you explain in detail about this unique feature? @DDanielK from @ledaoduynam

Daniel Kennedy: We’ve focused a great deal on making our sandbox editor and creation tools intuitive, and seamless. The goal is for it to be so easy and simple, that a child could use it, without any instruction. We retain the simplicity while allowing advanced features to be utilized. It’s a delicate balance.

Thai Nhat Minh: Wow, a child really can use it! Simple is the best! Thank you for the info @DDanielK
Here is the next question:

4️⃣ Virtual reality games have many fans around the worlds,what is netvrk plan and strategy to integrate blockchain system with VR to bring masive player!? @DDanielK from @pppppo76

Daniel Kennedy: Blockchain allows us to bring ownership to user’s creations, and land. Once a user owns their NFT land, it’s done. It’s theirs and they can hodl it, rent it, sell it, whatever they want. The immutable ledger system on Ethereum blockchain allows us to make users assets their own. We believe this will bring power back to the users.

Thai Nhat Minh: Nice. You guys understand so well about what Blockchain can really do! Keep up your good work! 👏

Now is the final question before we move on to the next part:

5️⃣ I can see Netvrk and Ferrum have a very strong partnership. Can you tell us about the most special things about this relationship between two of you? @DDanielK from @diana8teen

Daniel Kennedy: Besides being a great partner, Ferrum.Network has been instrumental in guiding us through our launch. The team at Ferrum are stellar, and they know the crypto-sphere better than anyone. Ian Friend has been a huge asset for our project, from the tokenomics, to ironing out the details with our launch. Ferrum’s record speaks for itself, with great projects like Poolz, Bondly, and Playcent being launched.

Thai Nhat Minh: Great answer! Hopefully with this partnership, Netvrk can soon achieve an outstand position in this crypto market, just like Poolz, Bondly and Playcent are doing! 🚀

Daniel Kennedy: Yes, we look forward to being yet another Ferrum success story!

Thai Nhat Minh: Thank you. We have passed through all warm-up questions. Are you ready to begin even more challenging part — live questions from community?

Daniel Kennedy:

Thai Nhat Minh: Great. Before opening the chat, I would like to remind some rules:

Open questions:
- Within 1–2 minutes we will open the chat for community to give questions as many as you wish. Please choose your questions carefully.
- Then we will mute the chat, so that our guests can choose any appropriate questions to answer.
(We will repeat more rounds if we have time)

⚠️ We will auto ban permanently those cases below:
- Copied questions from other AMAs or other people.
- Spam the same questions many times in each round
Alright. I believe everyone now can’t wait no longer. The chat will open in 5 secs!

Thai Nhat Minh: CHAT MUTING NOW! Let’s choose any appropriate questions one by one to answer. Remember using “Reply” function so that the audience can easily follow the flow of our AMA.

Now the show is yours. I am here only for supporting. @DDanielK

Daniel Kennedy:
[In reply to Bob Builder: What solutions are being worked on to fix the etherum gas issues?]

We have integrated with Polygon (formerly Matic) to help reduce gas fees and make transactions faster.

[In reply to Black heart: What is the business model of Netvrk? How many revenue sources do you have? Do you confident to have enough cash to run project in the long run?]

Our revenue will be derived via land sales and rentals, in world advertising, content partnerships, and our NFT platform. We are well funded thanks to our investors and partners, and are able to focus on growing our project.

[In reply to Rooftop Chillout 🍷🎶: Does NetVRk have any community program to raise more awareness about your project?]

Yes, we will have many community engagement programs, including treasure hunts, contests, and promotions. Our platform lends itself to have users create and showcase their art and creations in NetVRk.

Thai Nhat Minh: Our AMA with Netvrk has cone to an end here. Once again, we as Vietnam Blockchain Community would like to say thanks to Daniel Kennedy, Chief Marketing Officer @DDanielK as well as NetVRk team in general for spending your time for Vietnam Blockchain Community. @OneBonk

Anyone who got any question later, you can contact directly to them via their social contact.
Telegram: @NetVRk_Official

Daniel Kennedy: Thank you VBC community! 👍👍🔥🙏

Thai Nhat Minh: Much appreciated your time and effort being here, giving us a chance to learn more about NETVRK! 🔥

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