MineRunner: Getting Started

We’ve put together some tips to help you navigate MineRunner. The videos are organized as 11 video snippets with a description of the feature or action.

1 of 11: Buy and Use Ability
At the end of a level, players are able to enter the airlock and open the Vendor. Here they are able to purchase Active abilities to assist in killing enemies during their run.

2 of 11: Sell Equipment and Abilities
In the Vendor, players are also able to sell back any Abilities they have purchased, as well as Equipment they have purchased or looted from Enemies.

3 of 11: Convert Gems
Upon completing a level, when the player enters the Airlock and interacts with the Vendor, all of their collected ores and gems will be automatically converted into credits and energy respectively. Metacrite will be kept in their inventory until it is converted into something else in the Lobby.

4 of 11: Convert Metacrite to Netvrk Coins
Metacrite can be converted to Netvrk Coins, and eventually Netvrk Tokens in the Premium Store located in the Lobby.

5 of 11: Craft and Salvage an Axe
Players are able to Craft and Salvage new Pickaxes with upgraded stats in the Premium Store in the Lobby. These upgraded Pickaxes will roll random stat boosts that will assist the player during their runs in the Mine. Pickaxes are not lost if the player dies in the Mine. Pickaxes can also be salvaged for some Netvrk Coins if the player does not want to use the Pickaxe.

6 of 11: Enter Mine
Players can enter the Mine from the Lobby by walking towards the large door.

7 of 11: Force Field Down
Upon killing all Enemies in a cave, the force field will drop allowing the player to exit the Cave.

8 of 11: Force Field Up
Upon entering a Cave, force fields will appear at the Cave entrance and exit. Players must kill all enemies in the cave before leaving. A counter of the enemies remaining in the cave appears in the top-right corner of the screen.

9 of 11: Get Loot Drop
Upon killing an Enemy, there is a chance that the Enemy will drop a Loot Orb, which the player can interact with to get a random free piece of Equipment.

10 of 11: Purchase Power Boost Energy Coins
Players are able to purchase Power Boosts with both Energy and Netvrk Coins. Power Boosts increase the chance for Mining Nodes to drop Gems and Metacrite.

11 of 11: Mining
Players are able to mine Nodes scattered throughout the Tunnels and Caves. These Nodes will drop Ore, and have a chance to drop rare Gems. These Ores and Gems are converted into Credits and Energy once the player interacts with a Vendor in the Airlocks.

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