Why is NetVRk’s team so confident that what they’re building will become THE main crypto powered Metaverse?

6 min readDec 20, 2023


XMOD INDUSTRIES, a small company of talented individuals from a spectrum of industries like Gaming, VR, AI, and finance, has gathered to create what they believe will be a real Metaverse powered by the NetVRk token ($NTVRK).

The following Q&A gives insight into the mind of NetVRk’s creator, Mike, and why he believes so:

Interviewer: ”What has inspired you to create a Metaverse to begin with?”
Mike: ”At 16 (many light years ago…) after watching the Matrix, I was inspired to create a computer simulation indistinguishable from what we perceive as reality. I was determined to make it happen. I started to learn everything I could back then about 3d modeling, virtual reality and computer engineering.”

Interviewer: ”Oh, gosh. You wanted to put us all in the Matrix?”
Mike: ”Haha, no no no. The thing I love about the Matrix is the ability to experience the extraordinary as if it happens to you. I imagine a place with limitless worlds, each one with its own laws of physics, creatures and even AI powered societies! Where all dreams can come true and our collective imagination expands this multiverse into infinite realities that people like you and me can create by simply imagining them.”

Interviewer: ”But, even today’s tech experts are saying that the technology is too immature to enable the creation of such an ambitious project. What made you think back then that it is doable, and what makes you think it is the case today?”
Mike: ”After my first experience with virtual reality 25 years ago, I was convinced that it is possible. I instantly knew that VR is the future and for sure everyone would instantly ditch their consoles and pc’s when the right software will arrive. The reason for the VR hype cycles is not for the lack of the right tech but the lack of the right reason to go back and put even the bulkiest headset on your head because you can not live without it!”

Interviewer: ”I see. What does NetVRk Metaverse have to do with it? Isn’t it a virtual world?”
Mike: ”Well, it’s both a virtual world and a software. Although NetVRk’s core architecture allows us to create an infinite number of computer generated environments, games and more, what will make it special is what users will create with it. So unlike a game where everything is created for you and you can’t change much, I want to give the users the absolute power to craft anything they want using the same architecture that is powering this procedural world.”

Interviewer: ”As wonderful as it sounds, what gives you the privilege to be the first one to realize this ambition as obviously there are other actors building a variety of different metaverses not to mention Meta, VRChat, GTA, Fortnite, MineCraft, Roblox and others that can be considered a virtual world due to the amount of users that play together every single day, create games in some of those titles and even have economies that grow as we speak?”
Mike: ”Not to spoil all the secrets of how things should be done and why, all I can say is that we have found the formula to make users rather feel as if they dream while creating instead of working tediously for it, plus having an enormous amount of pleasure from seeing how quickly what you come up with is forming in front of your eyes.”

Interviewer: ”When will you release the entire Metaverse?”
Mike: ”We are releasing it in fragments. Following the Mine Runner game, which was released earlier this year, is our AI powered NPC Alpha, aimed for the end of this month. Then game streaming, NetVRk’s Game Arena, Land, and Creation Engine: all next year.”

Interviewer: ”Please expand on each release and their unique features.”

  • ”Our first released product, Mine Runner demonstrates a strong utility for tokens within a blockchain powered AAA game together with a groundbreaking underlying technology we’ve developed to extract multichain data from different wallets a user may have to unlock functionality within a digital product.
  • The upcoming blockchain powered AI NPCs Alpha will demonstrate a breakthrough for the use of LLMs with a fully interactive non human characters that can not only text an answer back to the user but also respond with a voice, have long and short term memories, awareness of their environment and unprecedented fast response time that puts us ahead of our competitors in the field of AI powered characters. On top, our AI characters will be purchasable as companions such as tutors, gaming partners, virtual girlfriends or boyfriends and more. They can also be upgraded with NetVRk tokens.
  • NetVRk’s game streaming feature release will enable users to access the metaverse with low end devices and experience it as if they are on a high end device. This feature will be available in several forms of subscription that can be purchased with NetVRk tokens.
  • A little bit after, we will be releasing NetVRk’s Game Arena, which we believe is to become a major shift in competitive and general multiplayer gaming. Imagine if you could place an amount of NetVRk tokens on yourself in a skill based AAA competitive game. One example is a Kill Zone mode where players try to take others down and stay alive as much as possible, where for every opponent you eliminate you gain the NetVRk tokens they have gained by winning over other players too. It means that if everyone entered with the same amount of NetVRk tokens, and you managed to exit the match at the right time after gaining tokens, you could end up with a very large sum of tokens. The Game Arena will also make NetVRk’s economy grow independently of the crypto market condition.
  • For the Land release we will reveal a first of its kind technology of an instant customizable smart contract creation system that allows users to create custom blockchain smart contracts between each other within a digital application. Land owners and other NetVRk users will be using it to create term based contracts between each other for Lease, rev share and much more. This release will also reveal a variety of monetization methods around digital real estate within a digital product.
  • The release of the Creation Engine, NetVRk’s AI powered content generation system, will prove that anyone can create AAA interactive 3d content with the same ease and speed it takes to open a Facebook page. Providing such power to the everyday user will result in the formation and expansion of NetVRk’s metaverse and its NetVRk token powered economy. It will include an ever growing rich marketplace filled with user uploaded 3d assets that will be available for purchase with NetVRk tokens and will allow 3d asset creators to earn an income in the Metaverse.”

Interviewer: ”For the VR integration, when do you think this will be happening?”
Mike: ”Well, it is happening right now as we talk and the team is working hard to make it happen. So don’t you worry it’s definitely on top of our priorities. Especially with Apple’s Vision Pro and the new Quest and other leaders in the VR hardware space it’s definitely the right time to prepare NetVRk for the era of spatial computing.”

Interviewer: “It sounds to me like what you guys are doing is combining and developing different technologies to create something new and not simply working on a game, platform or software. It was nice talking with you and I wish you and your team to quickly realize this amazing vision!”
Mike: “Thank you. It was a pleasure. We will do our best to make it happen so we can make the world a happier place one person at a time!”

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