Netvrk Partners with Damon Dash

3 min readApr 14, 2022


Netvrk is excited to partner with Damon Dash, a musician and businessman known for co-founding Roc-A-Fella Records. Netvrk is a multichain metaverse built on Unreal Engine, which enables users to monetize their creations via NFTs.

Together, Netvrk and Damon Dash will further the interoperability of music, art, and brands in the metaverse.

Netvrk will host the Dame Dash NFT Museum in the metaverse, designed and built by Virtuosus, utilizing the high fidelity environment of Unreal Engine for a rich and interactive user experience.

Dame Dash NFT Museum

The Dame Dash NFT Museum is a manifestation of Dame’s mind and ethos, unleashed without creative limits within the metaverse.

The communal space will be home to a globally accessible environment for curation, education, content, and innovation, that will serve as a portal for creative talent in the blockchain and metaverse.

Damon Dash will launch a first-of-its-kind immersive, virtual reality website in collaboration with Virtuosus which will give fans a sneak peak into the ahead of the opening in the Netvrk Metaverse.

Damon Dash will be releasing his first NFT drop, Therapy, which fuses art by famed eco artist, Robert Wyland, and new music by his persona Billy Pablo III and the Black Guns, into a series of NFTs for sale to the public via Netvrk.

Damon Dash will also serve as a producer for the upcoming 2300 Jackson St. Fest, being held in Gary, Indiana, in honor of Michael Jackson and the Jackson family. Damon Dash, with the support of Senator Eddie D. Melton, will be hosting this revitalization event, to celebrate The Jacksons, and to help redevelop the area.

Additionally, Damon Dash has made great contributions and empowered people in the areas of fashion, with Rachel Roy, and launched his own media network, Dame Dash Studios; in film with discovering and directing Kevin Hart’s first film, and producing Lee Daniel’s first film. He is currently casting for Paid in Full 2.

Quote from Daniel Kennedy, CEO of Netvrk:

“Having a executive of Damon Dash’s creative genius in the Netvrk Metaverse is a great step forward for the music scene and businesses everywhere. We look forward to utilizing the metaverse to advance the distribution of music and art, as well as being a home for music and art creators and fans worldwide.”

Quote from Damon Dash, CEO of Damon Dash Studios:

“The gallery was architected by Munzir, a young, self-taught, 3-D creative artist. He’s emblematic of what this is all about, and I look forward to using this space as a vehicle to empower the next generation of creatives, and fight for our culture in this new paradigm.

I have waited for the new world of creativity to have a place to create, monetize and be in control of the narrative through art, independence & ownership. Dash Studio’s partnered with Daniel Kennedy, CEO of Netvrk, & Rita Lee, CEO of TTPMG, to build a decentralize ecosystem for the future & allow true artist a platform to collab and drop as I did in my other galleries around the world. It’s now immersive & 3D & adding Volumetric technology projects by end of year come to to collab with! Love and Respect!”

About Damon Dash

Damon Dash is a musician, producer, serial entrepreneur, and business owner, know for co-founding Roc-a-Fella Records. His upcoming NFT release, Therapy, done in collaboration with famed artist Wyland, fuses music and art.

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About Netvrk

Netvrk is a multichain metaverse built on Unreal Engine, with powerful creation tools and infrastructure to easily create, share, experience, and monetize creations. With a focus on e-commerce, gaming, education and virtual workplaces, built around ownership of virtual land and assets.

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Netvrk is a metaverse built on the blockchain, with tools that allow you to easily monetize your content using NFTs.