Netvrk Partners with Gaia Everworld

Netvrk x Gaia Everworld

Netvrk is excited to partnership with Gaia Everworld, a multi-region fantasy world blockchain game, with Play to Earn mechanics. Netvrk is a metaverse built on the blockchain that allows users to Play to Earn using NFTs and Virtual Land.

Together, Netvrk and Gaia Everworld will collaborate to create blockchain gaming interoperability, as well interoperability for NFTs. Gaia will feature a virtual headquarters in the Netvrk Metaverse, allowing for unique experiences and interactions.

Gaia Everworld will feature two game modes, Battle mode, a player vs. player turn-based arena battle scenario, and Legion mode, a real-time strategy game. These two game modes will later be followed by the full MMORPG adventure game, playable in the Gaia Everworld metaverse. A metaverse combines multiple virtual worlds, providing more opportunities for players to explore their creativity. In the case of Gaia Everworld, players can build on their land, in turn, creating several additional monetization opportunities for themselves.

Gaia Everworld token, $GAIA, will have an IDO on multiple launchpads, full info below.

About Gaia Everworld

Gaia Everworld is the immersive, multi-region fantasy world in which players build their kingdoms, explore the lands, collect, breed and battle their Gaia Legionnaires.

Twitter | Telegram | Website | GAIA Elite Club
$GAIA —IDO on Seedify, Enjinstarter, Unilayer, and BullPerks on November 1st, 2021, BSCStation on October 30th.

About Netvrk

Netvrk is a metaverse, with powerful creation tools and infrastructure to easily create, share, experience, and monetize creations. With a focus on gaming, education and virtual workplaces, built around ownership of virtual land and assets.

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Telegram Announcement | Medium




Netvrk is a metaverse built on the blockchain, with tools that allow you to easily monetize your content using NFTs.

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Netvrk is a metaverse built on the blockchain, with tools that allow you to easily monetize your content using NFTs.

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