Netvrk Partners with MetaBrands, a Metaverse Resource DAO

Netvrk x MetaBrands

Netvrk is proud to announce the partnership with MetaBrands, a metaverse resource DAO facilitating instant exposure to the top performing NFTs, play to earn models, and player-owned economies. Netvrk is a metaverse built on the blockchain and Unreal Engine, that allows users to monetize their content and creations via NFTs.

The partnership will expose both projects to a wider audience and connect the Gateway to Netvrk’s Metaverse, bringing with it additional utility and benefits to token holders of both projects.

Aside from the exposure to a new community, Netvrk will assist Mana in co-creating his own Mage HQ inside their metaverse. This magical and cozy place will be a home beacon and serve as a portal in the metaverse that allows users direct access to the MetaBrands ecosystem.

In the future, users will be able to visit the Mage Hut and enjoy all sorts of fun and engaging activities within this official Headquarters. Gain exclusive access to VIP areas to mingle and connect with other multi-pass owners or view and purchase NFTs directly from the MetaBrands portfolio with MAGE tokens at a reduced rate from market price!


About MetaBrands

Looking for a digital real-estate company to manage your assets, book a private yacht to fulfill your wildest dreams or event production to fill your venues? Come visit Mana at the Mage HQ!

Website | Discord | Telegram | Twitter | White Paper

About Netvrk

Netvrk is a metaverse, with powerful creation tools and infrastructure to easily create, share, experience, and monetize creations. With a focus on gaming, education and virtual workplaces, built around ownership of virtual land and assets.

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Telegram Announcement | Medium




Netvrk is a metaverse built on the blockchain, with tools that allow you to easily monetize your content using NFTs.

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Netvrk is a metaverse built on the blockchain, with tools that allow you to easily monetize your content using NFTs.

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